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Harnessing the Potential of Future Tech Talent

At Level 11 Technology, we bridge innovation and experience by cultivating the next generation of digital technologists for public impact.

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I’m Maigen Thomas, and my mission is to empower early-career technologists with the real-world skills and industry-recognized experience they need to reach their next level of socioeconomic success. 
Maigen ThomasFounder, Level 11 Technology

Our unique approach is like a "teaching hospital" for early-career technologists

Accessibility and usability are the cornerstones of our approach to apprenticeship projects, crafting a path for early-career success.

  • Industry-Standard Best PracticesApprentices work on actual municipal projects, ensuring their learning experience supports the level of work expected of seasoned professionals.
  • Level-Appropriate TrainingApprentices receive personalized guidance and education designed to foster their unique career trajectory in tech. Projects are scoped accordingly.
  • Mentorship and MotivationWe provide ongoing mentorship, including group and individual review sessions, promoting continuous improvement and skill advancement.
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    Key Features

    Discover what makes Level 11 Technology the premier technology partner for government agency design work and discovering budding tech professionals.

    Experiential Learning

    Our apprentices gain hands-on experience using industry-standard tech stacks and in-demand skills, with a specific focus on the 'bread and butter' skills necessary for long-term career success.

    Government Focus

    Specializing in government agency projects, we understand the unique needs and impacts of our work on users. That's why we align our work to meet WCAG 2.2 guidelines and Section 508 standards.

    Diverse Talent

    To foster an inclusive and diverse environment, we focus on welcoming apprentices from marginalized communities, from varied backgrounds, and those who have different skill and ability levels.

    Career Growth

    We not only shape novices into professionals with marketable skills, but also pave their way toward leadership roles in technology.

    Regular Feedback

    Our learning model includes frequent feedback loops with peers and mentors to solidify skills and boost apprentices’ confidence.

    Tech Community

    Ours is a community of eager learners and servant leaders, building a community that supports individuals and leads to future opportunities.

    FAQs for Clients

    Are you interested in working with a design and development agency with a mission?

    What is Level 11 Technology about?

    Level 11 Technology is a future-thinking digital services agency. We operate on a unique model similar to that of a ‘teaching hospital.’

    We are committed to providing opportunities for career changers from marginalized groups who have acquired marketable technical skills in areas such as UX/UI Design, Coding and Web Development, Digital Marketing and Data Analytics but lack the work experience necessary to secure well-paying roles in the technology sector.

    Our approach combines learning and doing, mirroring the apprenticeship and journeyman structures found in skilled trades.

    Who does the work? How will we know it is high quality?

    At Level 11 Technology, all projects are undertaken by these talented, early-career technologists, who are compensated equitably, fairly and transparently. Their work is meticulously supervised by seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience each in their respective fields. This model not only ensures high-quality deliverables, but also contributes to the professional growth and development of the next generation of digital experts. 

    By entrusting Level 11 Technology with your project, your citizen users will benefit from our unique blend of seasoned expertise and fresh talent, all working towards creating a digital experience that is not only functional and accessible for users of all ability levels, but also is a true expression of the innovative and future-focused community your agency seerves.

    What services does Level 11 Technology provide?

    Our primary service is an accessibility-focused website evaluation. We identify the issues that make your website inaccessible to users with disabilities and present a thorough report on those findings.

    We are also available if you'd like to work with us for the accessibility remediation and redesign work.

    We believe that working with municipal governments, with the clear-cut accessibility requirements and usability best practices outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, provides an ideal environment for our apprentices to thrive and develop their skills. 

    How can we work with you?

    Do you have an existing website? Have you evaluated the website for digital accessibility barriers that could leave you vulnerable to digital accessibility lawsuits?

    We offer cost-effective, accessibility-focused website evaluations to identify any issues that make your website inaccessible to people with disabilities.

    If you'd like Level 11 Technology to respond to your RFP, simply reach out and let us know you have an open RFP (and be sure to include the link)! We don't expect special treatment. We'll prepare a thorough, detailed proposal and submit it for your review in the same way as any other digital services agency would.

    FAQs for Apprentices

    Are you an Early Career Designer with questions? We've got answers. Explore the most frequently asked questions about our apprenticeship model.

    How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

    When applications open, you'll simply click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and complete the application form. Our team will follow up with the next steps, including the timeline, what to expect and how to prepare. No surprises!

    When applications are not open, there will not be a visible "Apply Now" button on the website.

    What projects will I work on?

    Apprentices work on a range of real-world government agency projects, which can include user, market and competitor research, UX strategy and design, UI design, Information Architecture and navigation design, coding and web development, marketing, data analysis, etc.

    Do you offer remote apprenticeships?

    Yes! All of our apprenticeship positions are remote and hours are flexible to accommodate the diverse needs of our team.

    Can I work with Level 11 after my apprenticeship?

    We aim to retain top talent and will offer full-time positions to successful apprentices post-training.

    Level 11 Technology - Apprenticeship Interest

    Apprenticeship Interest

    Fill out this form to be the first to know when apprenticeship applications open.
    Please also connect with Maigen on LinkedIn (form will redirect after submission).

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